When can I start lessons?
Our classes run continuously so you may join a class at any time.  Our students have varying skill levels and our classes are mixed.  We find that our students learn from one another and it is a great opportunity for the beginning student to see more experienced students ride.

Where are the classes held?
The students can get their horse at 1850 Riverside DR. Glendale. The will be guided to an open field where the classes are conducted.

Is there an age or weight requirement?
Our students must be tall enough to saddle their own horse, (5’ minimum) and may not exceed 225 pounds.  We believe no one is too old to learn.

What happens if it rains?
We cancel class if it is raining really hard, if it is just sprinkling we will most likely still ride.  The horses need to get out every day despite the weather.  If there is thunder and lightning at the barn we will cancel class, and we will cancel class if there are strong Santa Ana winds.  The weather at the barn may be different than at your house, so if you are in doubt you can call the stable at 818-547-0337

Can I make-up a class if I have to miss one?
Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate our students if they need to miss a lesson.

Do I have to take the lessons sequentially? (4 Mondays in a row; 4 Saturdays in a row)
The classes are scheduled to meet once a week for the day that you have signed up.  If you would like to take a class four days in a row we are happy to accommodate you.

If I can’t make a class can I have my friend (or family member) substitute for me?
Our classes are based on incremental learning; therefore, it is not possible to have someone other than a current student take your place in a class.

Can my friends and I have our own group lessons?
We would be happy to arrange a private group lesson (3 person minimum).  Arrangements need to be made in advance.