In riding a horse we borrow freedom.

Welcome to The Riding Coach;
A wonderful place to learn how to ride;
How horses think;
How to care for these heavenly creatures.

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Hear From Our Riders

  • I take lessons here regularly and just love it. Gudrun and Carol are wonderful teachers-- they're patient and will never make you do something you're uncomfortable with, but they still push you to get better. They know their horses so well, and really do consider them members of the family.
    I take their group lessons and I adore everyone else that I ride with-- everyone is incredibly supportive and encouraging, and Gudrun and Carol always manage to give you plenty of individual attention.
    Whether you're new to horseback riding or you've got some experience, Gudrun and Carol will have plenty to teach you. I highly recommend checking this place out! And as a bonus they have boots and helmets to borrow, so you don't have to make that investment if you don't want to.

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    Courtney M, Los Angeles, CA

  • I started lessons with Gudrun 10 years ago and gained a great base understanding and instinct with riding. When work took me out of state I stopped riding. Now, upon returning to Los Angeles, I stopped into the barn to see if Gudrun was still there and, of course, she was! I started riding again and it's been such a joy. All the things I learned came right back.
    Gudrun is extremely encouraging and attentive. She has great respect for the horses and is really on top of safety, though not stiflingly so. Even in a group lesson I feel like I'm getting private attention. She makes a point to encourage and communicate with every rider in her class.
    If you want riding lessons from a real cowgirl, The Riding Coach is your place! Lessons include grooming and feeding horses, saddling, trail rides and/or technique practice in wide open spaces.
    Helmets and boots available to borrow in many sizes, though it is recommended to bring your own.

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    Mary T, Burbank, CA

  • My 11 yr old daughter takes lessons there and really loves it. She is able to borrow a helmet and boots so I didn't have to buy to start. She helps care for the horse as well as learning riding skills.
    They are so friendly here and it. It is obvious Goodrun and Carol are there for the love of the horses. The animals are very well taken care of and loved. This is a warm and friendly place. My daughter always begs to go early.
    I highly recommend.

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    Stan G, Los Angeles, CA

  • Gudrun is an extraordinary instructor; observant, patient and kind with her instructions and corrections to your riding form. She always catches you doing something right.
    Gudrun ensures that you are put on the right horse for your abilities. I like that there is a broad age span of students. I started 2 years ago, and I'm 60 now! Just want to keep learning and improving. You're never to old to learn something new. Love the interaction and connection obtained with grooming/cleaning the horses.

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    Virgina B, Beverly Hills, CA

  • The Riding Coach is an exceptional place - Gudrun and Carol really know their stuff and make students feel comfortable and at ease. I had never been on a horse before and had some initial nervousness about horseback riding - but, I really wanted to try it. During my lesson I became acquainted with the horse and Gudrun ensured that I had the "right" horse to ride. My husband also enjoyed himself tremendously -he had been riding previously. We both learned a great deal about how to groom/clean a horse, saddle up, ride and dismount.
    Both Carol ad Gudrun are very knowledgeable about all aspects of horses and are great teachers. They instill alot of confidence!
    I would highly highly recommend the Riding Coach to anyone who wants to learn horseback riding. They have all levels of riders - but for me (a beginner), it was really excellent.

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    Katie D, Los Angeles, CA

  • Gudrun and Carol are great! If you want to learn about horse care and riding this is a great place! They have boots and helmets if you don't have your own and everyone is really friendly!

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    Daisy S, Glendale, CA

  • A good place for lessons, for beginners, intermediate or advanced. The instructors are very safety conscious, but not to the extent that you won't have fun. They know their horses, and treat them well. Riding is mostly western; a mixture of basic riding, patterns and trail riding in and around Griffith Park.

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    Leslie T, Los Angeles, CA

  • Nice horseback riding lessons. You get feedback on what you're doing right & on what needs to be improved. They also have schedule trail rides.

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    Aurora D, Glendale, CA

  • This is an excellent place to learn to ride and to learn about horses in general. Gudrun and Carol are great teachers with tons of experience and they make the lessons really fun and interesting. Their monthly trail rides through Griffith Park are also really fun. Great teachers, nice horses, and a friendly, laid-back atmosphere-this place is a real gem right in the middle of the city.

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    Chales K, Los Angeles, CA

  • I can't say enough good things about The Riding Coach. Riding horses teaches you to let your body take over and relax your mind- there's a reason why so many of us (especially those who work in front of computer screens all day) feel like this is therapy. It's also a big confidence booster when you can get an 800 pound animal to agree that you're the one in control. Gudrun and Carol help you get into the horse world safely and pleasurably. They love to see their students grow in their abilities. They really do show that any day on a horse is a good day.

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    Sarah W, Glendale, CA